Affirming Connections

Affirming Creations was created to reach out and work alongside LGBTQ2S+ individuals and allies, to strengthen inclusive faith communities and those who seek to become affirming, and to be a public voice of welcome and inclusivity for all people. Pam Rocker is available to work with churches and faith groups; she has also created a wonderful list of resources for folks to access!

Skipping Stone Foundation

Calgary-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support and empower trans and gender diverse youth and their families in the province of Alberta. Provides free/low barrier programming, mental health resources, medical transition tools, workshops, scholarships, and  community building events.

Distress Centre: 403-266-4357   

A crisis line that provides information and support. Will give access to referrals and counselling services. They are 24 hours and will alert EMS if there is need.

Trans Lifeline: 1-877-330-6366 
(24 Hours)

  • Trans Lifeline is a non-profit dedicated to the well-being of transgender people. It is a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. The line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis-this includes people who may be struggling with their identity and may not be sure that they are transgender. They welcome the call of any transgender person in need-if you are not sure that you should call, call them.