Calgary Queer Church Team

Kiran Stewart-McKee – Coordinator (she/her)
Kiran coordinates all CQC programming (spiritual discussions and social gatherings) and is the point of contact throughout the week. She is a registered social worker ( BSW UVic ’14 ) and serves as a parish social worker at Deer Park United Church. Her areas of practice include grief, end of life, food security, and LGBTQ2S+ advocacy. Kiran’s hobbies include gardening, cooking, volunteering, and studying queer history.

Miranda Martini-Music Lead (she/her)

Miranda Martini is an essayist, playwright and singer​-songw​riter. In August 2014, she collab​orated with songwriter Kris Demeanor on original songs for Cheryl Foggo’s critically acclaimed musical play “John Ware Reimag​ined.” She also performed in the show, which had a sold-out run in Calgary. Miranda recently completed a Masters of Songwriting in Bath, England, where she produced her first album, Calendar, which explores holidays and seasons.

Harry Miletich-Hospitality Volunteer Lead (he/him)

In the summer of 2016, God revealed to me that I am transgender (FTM), which released me from severe depression. Two months later I moved from the Okanagan in BC to Calgary to be near my family and to start the journey I have always dreamed about: returning to school to pursue a career in the medical field. God is not ‘safe’, but He is good! I am looking forward to continuing to grow to be like Jesus, and looking forward to seeing CQC thrive!

Calgary Queer Church is supported by the Calgary Queer Church Organizational Committee (CQCOC). We are always looking for new members to join this committee! Current members include:

Rev.Tom Melvin of Deer Park United Church-chair email

Daryl Sedor of Lakeview United Church

Karen Decoux of St Andrew’s United Church

Merle Ann May of St Andrew’s United Church Regional Ministries